I have always been passionate about everything art-related. The world has always seemed to me like an infinite source of wonder and play, experiment and create. I was part of a drama troup for 11 years, studied drawing and watercolour, I wrote short stories, I created bags out of paper, animals and flowers out of beads, I sewed clothes. My whole childhood was defined by not really being there, but in my own world, or on my “little cloud” as my mum used to say.

Art for me has always been a way to sublime the things I struggled to cope with or understand. My hypersensitivity and hyperempathy, as well as growing up very closely to a dyspraxic brother, have shaped me into having a very different perception of the world than others.

It was without surprise that I went to study Philosophy of arts. It allowed me to be hands on with everything to do with art, without having to choose one specific branch. Being able to make art as well as reflect on it opened and informed my practise immensely.

After years of studying at the Sorbonne and a Masters under my belt, I moved on to a totally different creative field: cake artistry. I trained for a year in Paris to become a professional baker before moving to the UK. In the last years, I have kept working on refining my style, experimenting, playing.

When I am not in the kitchen, you can find me admiring flowers. I am the type of person who stops in the middle of the street to smell hawthornes and stare at them for ten minutes – while my partner waits impatiently. Or climbing up a mountain, or hiking down a trail. I love spending time outdoors in nature – as much as I love walking up and down busy streets in big cities. I am a Parisian at heart – looking up buildings and strolling around museums.