Interview with Berni Palumbo Photography – Wedding photographer in London and Berkshire

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Interview with Berni Palumbo Photography – an artistic and relaxed wedding photographer in Berkshire and London



Meet Berni –


I saw Berni for the first time on a shoot two years ago in Herons Farm, Pangbourne – I fell in love with how warm she is, friendly and also incredibly talented. Berni is not only incredible at what she does – she also lights up a room when she walks in, spreading calm and joy wherever she goes. I don’t know if that is her Latin and Italian side – but I instantly clicked with her and we’ve been inseparable since. I love working with her because she has the most interesting way of working – she captures the reality of your wedding day, emotions and the minute feelings and tears, but also takes time to create the most artistic shots. Heavily inspired by art, she is to wedding photography what I am to wedding cakes.



How would you describe the styles of photographs you create and the weddings you do?


I would say my style is a combo of  creative storytelling (so called documentary/reportage) with a few moody artistic portraits here and there. What I really want is to capture the day in its entirety with full empathy and honesty. I want all the colourful fun but I also want all the’’ moodiness’’ (is that even a word?), all  the light but I also want to play with the shadows.

To be fully honest, it took me a lot of soul-searching and a long time to define my style and understand what kind of wedding photography I wanted to produce and I think it might still evolve and change over time.



You’re originally from Italy and have studied Russian language and art in a past life. But you’ve also lived in Los Angeles. How do you think all of this influences your work?


Living in different countries is likely the one big life-changing event in my own story. It has changed me completely and it has taught me so much about myself and us humans. The main lesson is definitely a greater understanding and acceptance of individual and social differences. I probably carry a lot of this flexibility in my work ethic and my approach to photography. Visually speaking, I am definitely deeply influenced by lots of the images I have seen in my studies.



Your photos are a mix of fun and drama, with a huge play on light and shadow. Is there a place or venue you’d love to work at that would allow you to be creative with them?


Oh gosh… Such a difficult question, so many!!! I definitely think venues are not the main factor in creating beautiful images, but of course there are some venues that inspire me and I would like to have a play with. I like a bit of a decadent look so the Asylum is on my bucket list, but I’d also like Aynhoe Park or Blenheim Palace  just to mention a few. I am sure there are plenty more but this are the first ones at the top of my head!



On your website, you talk about empathy playing a big part in your wedding photography. Can you tell us more?


I am a big believer that empathy plays a huge role in pretty much every genre of photography. Whether you’re a studio, street or wedding photographer, you always want to stay tuned with the emotions of your subjects. In my case, I try to always remember that what I do is not about me and how good of a photographer I might be, but it’s about the couple getting married and me photographing their day focusing on what’s important to them. Walking in their shoes and get to feel what is important for them is key in producing  good photos. 



Lastly, what is your favourite artistic period and why?


I would not restrict it to a precise period, but I’d say I love everything with bold saturated colours (Cezanne, Vrubel’, Renoir… Too many to mention), some stylisation (Modigliani, Brâncuși etc.) and words in it (Basquiat, Cy Twombly and so on). Colour places a huge role in my life: everything I buy for myself or my house always starts from colour for me, as for my love for words it’s probably because my first love was poetry and I love when artists combine the two.


And of course, this glorious picture is Berni’s:


You can get in touch with her here – you won’t regret it.

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