So what was the last wedding favour you received at a wedding? A little bar of soap with the couple’s wedding date etched into it? A painted peg? A dinky bottle of sloe gin? Now, these are all fun (especially the gin…), but when it comes to wedding favours, nothing beats something bespoke, original and deliciously charming. At the heart of every truly great wedding, is a gorgeously personal set of details. 


Bespoke wedding favours are something of a speciality of mine. I’m a big believer in having wedding favours you can consume immediately on the day as part of the experience; perfectly decorated, lovingly baked little slices of gorgeousness always make for an elegant touch of magic that you’ll never regret commissioning. It’s so much better than a non-edible keepsake that’s bound to end up lost or forgotten. Even if your guests can resist eating these favours on the day, they’re a lovely little next-day surprise for them to enjoy at home. 


I’ve created all sorts over the years: mini Bundt cakes, dinky donuts, tiny Mojito cupcakes, sugar cookies with wedding day messages iced on top, mini chocolate bars featuring your wedding colours and little (compostable) party bags filled with treats. Your dessert table can double up as wedding favours with the help of little containers. All zero waste, all utterly delightful. I’m an avid spokeswoman for sustainable, environmentally-friendly baking and my business operates on a strictly green basis. I use limited plastics, recycle whenever possible and run an entirely plant-based kitchen. 


The atmosphere I like to help create for your guests is one of being in a wondrous, magical sweetie factory. I want you to come to me with every fabulous and wonderful idea you have. The thing that sets me apart from other wedding bakers is that I’m wildly, unashamedly creative. I think outside the box and encourage you to do so at every opportunity. Don’t be shy, I want to make something miraculous for you. 


Whatever colour or flavour you’ve got your heart set on, I want to hear about it. I’ve created some truly ground-breaking wedding favours during my career – it’s something I pride myself on. 


The sweet treats at your wedding may seem like a minor part of the big day, but they can actually end up being the undisputed stars of the occasion. Food is such a crucial element: it’s one of the things that you’re guests have been looking forward to and is always the first thing they talk about afterwards. By incorporating a taste element into your wedding favours, you’re spinning out the perfect food story for your wedding. The idea has a lovely continuity to it. 


Please don’t hold back when briefing me on your favours: I’m highly creative and can’t wait to make a little magic with you.


I would love to hear from you. Please fill in this form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.