How your cakes and desserts can be the secret stars of your wedding

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How your cakes and desserts can be the secret stars of your wedding


Yes – your wedding cake and dessert table.

Your wedding is YOUR party and you should always keep that in sight. However, you love your guests and want them to have a fabulous time. Having a wedding that represents you does not have to contradict having a wedding your guests will enjoy – on the contrary, you will find that the most people enjoy themselves, the most you will cherish your memories. Here are some ideas to make sure you all enjoy your wedding to the fullest thanks to cake and desserts.


A wedding cake with multiple flavours


Taste is also linked to habit and trends. Younger generations will be into newer flavours, like Oreo and Biscoff – older generations will be more into carrot and lemon. Having different flavours in each tier caters to everyone’s taste and makes a truly unique wedding cake.


A dessert table


Wedding cakes are  beautiful and I will always recommend having one as a centrepiece. But dessert tables and sweet grazing tables are taking momentum  – they allow you to offer lots of different kinds of treats, which means that everyone will find what they want. This is one of the reasons why dessert tables are so popular.

While wedding cakes have a time frame – they get cut at some point, then served – dessert tables are there for the whole day and people can dip in an out whenever they are hungry, in between dance frenzies, or as they are waiting.

Kids also go crazy for said dessert tables. It’s their dream: no one really checking up on them the whole time, they can just get high on sugar.

And whether you have leftovers, or add on the table mini cake jars, mini choc bars or sugar cookies – it doubles up as your wedding favours, offering waste free, clutter free treats for them to take home and eat the next day – there is nothing better than cake for breakfast after a wedding.


Cakes for everyone


One of the best ways to make sure everyone has the best of times is to make sure they are fed properly and have options. What a lot of people remember, a few months or years after attending weddings, is how they went hungry, or how delicious the food was. Somehow, food is one of the most important parts of the day and the thing everyone remembers – because it plays such a huge part in how we feel and live moments. And cake is a very special fuel – it has no real nutritional value, it is just absolutely made to be enjoyed, as a luxurious dessert, or break. It is celebratory food.

Those of us who have dietary requirements – gluten free, soya free, nut free, egg free, dairy free – are used to going places and go hungry, but it is such a wonderful feeling when you go somewhere and the people who have invited you have included you in their planning. It is one of the most potent way to show someone you love them. Having special desserts made for them especially will go a very long way in ensuring they have the best time – and making it possible for them to have a slice of the wedding cake as well as having their pick on your dessert table is the absolute treat.


As was said by Miguel de Cervantes in Don Quixote de la Mancha, “The stomach carries the heart, and not the heart the stomach” – that is why food, your wedding cake and dessert table, are such an important part of love, and weddings.

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Photography credits: The Woman and The Wolf, Megan Daisy Photography and Dani Cowan Photography.