Vanilla and raspberry

moist vanilla sponge with raspberry chunks soaked in vanilla syrup, layered with raspberry puree and white chocolate ganache

Chocolate and salted caramel

rich chocolate sponge layered with handmade salted caramel sauce and dark chocolate ganache


zesty lemon sponge soaked in lemon syrup, layered with handmade lemon curd and white chocolate ganache


moist carrot sponge soaked in vanilla syrup, layered with creamy cinnamon ganache

Red velvet

moist red velvet sponge soaked in vanilla syrup with white chocolate ganache

Champagne and strawberry

moist vanilla sponge soaked in champagne, layered with strawberry puree and white chocolate ganache

Hazelnut and chocolate

hazelnut sponge layered with hazelnut and chocolate ganache

Earl Grey and dark chocolate

moist earl grey sponge infused with earl grey syrup and layered with dark chocolate ganache

Chocolate and lemon 

rich chocolate sponge infused with lemon syrup, layered with handmade lemon curd and dark chocolate ganache



sugar, cinnamon, dark chocolate chip, earl grey, white chocolate and cranberry, peanut butter, double chocolate

cookie sandwiches


caramel and nuts, brownies, rocky roads, peanut butter, oat and fig, oat and date

Rolls and Doughnuts

cinnamon, lemon and blueberry, dark chocolate chips, almond

doughnut wall, doughnuts, mini doughnuts


double chocolate, lemon, chocolate and salted caramel, strawberry and vanilla, lime and passionfruit, earl grey and raspberry, pecan


meringue kisses, chocolate-dipped fruits, cream jars

Cupcakes and mini cakes

same flavours as cakes, with a soft buttercream icing for the cupcakes and mini cakes