All my cakes are vegan. If you are not vegan yourself, you might wonder why have a vegan wedding cake.

You might have vegan guests, or guests who are dairy free or egg free, due to intolerances or allergies. By having a cake they can eat, it will make them feel included in your wedding like nothing else would. I also offer gluten free, nut free and soya free cakes – for the same reason – so your guests feel important and feel that you planned your day with them in mind.

You might care about the ethical stance of veganism – that is against animal exploitation. Avoiding animal products is the easiest way not to be complicit in their exploitation.

You might also care about the environment and the impact of your wedding on the planet. The production of animal products is terribly heavy on the environment and is one of the causes of deforestation, species extinction and habitat loss. 

If you do not tell them, none of your guests will know your cake was vegan. 





I believe your wedding can be as lavish as you want it to be without hurting the planet – and I will do everything in my power to make it so.

Weddings have a reputation of being wasteful like any other thing, but they do not have to be. I work with my couples to create the most stunning cakes without ever using single use plastic, sourcing sustainable and ethical ingredients without compromising on their quality, and recycling and reusing everything possible. I carefully source local ingredients where possible, and constantly work with my suppliers to make my orders as package free as possible.

I also compost so that no waste coming from peels ends up as landfill but goes into creating green energy and off cuts go to feed homeless groups around Reading.

All the packaging I use, for cakes and favours, is either compostable or reusable.