If you’re having a wedding cake, you’ll need a wedding cake table. It’s one of those things that easily falls to the bottom of your list of a hundred things that need doing before the big day, so it makes sense to hand this little task over to me.


The difference between a single cake on a rather traditional white table cloth, and a full table carefully and artfully designed to dress your wedding is vast. One is fine, the other is fabulous. 

Your wedding cake is generally the “cake of your life”. When else will you feel so strongly about cake? For an impactful wedding, it helps to have interesting little corners of your wedding for guests to delight in. An extravagant floral installation; a fireworks display at the end of the night; or a spectacular cake on its very own decadent table. 

I’ll design a stunning environment that complements the cake and really makes it pop. I’ll play with colour, texture, candles, flowers, elements found elsewhere in your wedding and all manner of “dressing” to make something stunning. We can use a plinth, a runner, a backdrop, even an eco-friendly balloon installation. I can source all of the props so you don’t have to spend hours trawling the internet for what we want. 


Using only sustainable and ethical products, I’ll create a gorgeous centrepiece for your wedding that works with your theme and delights your guests. I’m an avid spokeswoman for sustainable, environmentally-friendly baking and my business operates on a strictly green basis. I use limited plastics, recycle whenever possible and run an entirely plant-based kitchen. 


A wedding should always have a central focus point, and why shouldn’t that be your gloriously edible vegan wedding cake? A beautiful wedding cake should be more than a bullet point on a list, it should be an experience. 



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